We have been awarded for our stevedoring performances on various occasions by Kandla Port Trust. We are Licensed Stevedoring agents at Kandla. We have been handling vessels on west coast India for various owners handling various cargoes like Machinery, Granite, Marble, Bentonite, Steel coils, steel slabs, steel plates, Salt, Rice, Timber logs. We have a dedicated team of foreman and labour handling various tasks of stevedoring. We have special gear available to handle different type of cargo with expertise. In bulk cargo we have loaded upto 50000MT in 24 hours and as regards to heavy lifts we have handled up to single piece 1500MT as stevedores.


We are handling agency vessels around India for our various foreign and Indian clients. We have a dedicated team handling coordination between the Immigration department, Police, Port Authorities, customs, & surveyors. We have successfully handled many vessels as OPA protecting the interests of the owner/ charterer at all times. We have handled many vessels over the years as agents for various charters having understood the requirements of the charterer and protecting the their interests while keeping the interests of the vessel owners intact as well.


Our chartering desk is regularly chartering vessels on behalf of our various principals at very competitive freights as we have very good contacts with ship owners. We are primarily fixing vessels to the Far East for Iron Ore, Bentonite, Bauxite, granite blocks and Salt.


We have our own CHA license and handle around 25 million tones of bulk consignments from Mundra & Kandla. Our team also handles around 8500 containers annually. Our team of dedicated executives is at Mundra, Kandla, Pipavav & Ahmedabad. Our team is well versed with handling import consignments & export consignments. Our company specializes in handling marble/ granite blocks and timer along with other related items in import and exports. The major commodities that the company is handling is steel pipes, salt, timber, marble blocks, granite blocks, engineering goods, castor products, psyllium, plastic products & minerals.


We have been arranging warehouses for various cargoes as per their requirements of space, quality and quantity. Storage spaces in the open are also arranged with the port authorities, Private CFS operators, terminals and rail heads. We have also arranged storage of cargo in containers as well for long periods due to contamination issues. We can also help arrange liquid storage tanks for liquid cargoes.


No shipping activity is complete with out having a proper logistic support.


We have a very strong tie up with CONCOR and private CFS’s where we handle export and import cargoes for our clients. We give them the cost advantage and smooth and safe handling of their cargo. This is a very important part of the supply chain in the containerized business. Our company has tie ups at all inland stations as well as at the port as well.


In our logistics division in which we have a fleet of trailers to facilitate the smooth and efficient handling of various shipments through Kandla, Mundra, Ahmedabad, Hazira & Pipavav. We have a fleet of Heavy trailers which can load up to 30 MT seeing the weight carrying restrictions on the Indian roads which are mostly involved in delivering and loading cargoes to Rajasthan and Gujarat. Our fleet has a unique mix of trailer lengths as well to facilitate cargoes of various lengths and to maneuver through difficult factory stuffing conditions. We also have refrigerated container carriers fitted with generator for frozen and temperature controlled containers to be carried.


We are business associates with CONCOR and other private train operators giving very competitive rates to move large lots by rakes. This gives an advantage to our shippers and importers over others. We have managed to reduce road haulage cost by giving our clients the option to send by containerized rakes as well as normal rakes. Cargoes like blocks, fertilizer, used clothing, timber have made the transition from road to rakes to make it cost effective.


We have Mobile cranes ranging from 65MT to 25MT to handle various cargoes including containers and heavy lifts. Our heavy forklifts can handle coils, containers & other cargoes as well. We have facilitated various import and export cargoes at the client’s factories by sending cranes and forklifts to their premises as well. We have been handling various pipe project with the help of our cranes for government of Gujarat as well.


Another integral part of the supply chain is freight booking with shipping lines, Airlines as well as bulk operators. Our International Freight forwarding division having very competitive freights with various shipping lines helping our global clients giving them the cutting edge. We are handling Export & Import consignments in this company basically carrying Marble Blocks, Timber and machinery items in imports. There is a very healthy mix of cargoes in exports keeping us in the hunt for good freights at any given time. We are experts in handling door to door projects, Machinery packages, Steel coils, and Granite & Marble blocks in containers.